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What sort of tools and materials do I need to get started in Witchcraft?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat sort of tools and materials do I need to get started in Witchcraft?
Morningbird Staff asked 3 months ago

I (admin) am adding this question to the FAQ database because I hear this all the time. New witches often come to forums asking for advice on materials to gather or purchase before they begin the real work of witchcraft. So community, what do you recommend?

1 Answers
Morningbird Staff answered 3 months ago

My answer to this question is simply that you don’t need any special tools or materials to be a witch.  Our spiritual ancestors used whatever they had on hand and advanced magic users often find tools and materials to be completely unnecessary. The most important thing,  I think, to early learning is to keep a journal, however. So, my advice is that you get yourself a notebook dedicated to your learning and a keep a pen with it so that you can write in it at a moments notice. Record your dreams, write down your observations and jot down whatever wisdom you acquire through conversations online or in person or in books. Learn to meditate and write down your impressions. Spend time observing nature, including human nature and write down what you learn. Get to know your local environment intimately and use the tools at your disposal; like books, websites and apps, to help you expand on what you’ve learned from observation and write all of this down.
I honestly can’t think of another “tool” that is necessary. 

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