October Greetings from the Witchipedia

Welcome to October, Witchipedians! This month we have two full moons. On October 1st, the Harvest Moon is in Aries and on October 31st, Halloween, The Hunter’s Moon is also the Blue Moon in Taurus. The New Moon in Libra is on October 16th.

October 2020 Chat Schedule

All times referenced are in the Eastern USA time zone (UTC-4) chats are held in the chatroom on the Witchipedia server at http://witchipedia.com/chat/blabax.php

Office hours for October will be 1pm to 4pm Monday through Thursday.

Harvest Moon in Chat, September 30th from 6-9pm

Wortcunning Chat, Friday, October 2nd at 6pm-9pm

Kitchen Witchery Chat, Friday, October 9th at 6pm-9pm

New Moon Chat, Friday, October 16th at 6pm – 9pm

Beginner Chat on Saturday, October 17th 9am to 12pm

Hunter’s Moon Chat on Friday, October 30th, 6pm to 8pm

Samhain/ Feast of the Dead Chat on Sunday, November 1 at 12pm to 2pm


Join us in the Witchipedia Community

I have been working hard to make the Witchipedia Community page useful and easy to use. Please visit today and add your website to our Link Library, your business or event to our Classified section and join in the conversation on the Forums. If you would like to share your creative talent, or write a review or have a press release to share, you can also do that from our Community Page. When you post something new on our community page, it will show up here so we can help you spread the word! (Assuming it is appropriate and of interest to the magical, witchcraft, Pagan, Heathen, and/or occult communities. ) I absolutely welcome your feedback about this section of the website. Please let me know how it goes and help me make it as useful and easy to use as possible!

Support Your Witchipedia

If you love the Witchipedia and find it useful, please consider supporting this free online resource. You can do so by joining my Patreon or visit our support page to find out other ways to contribute.

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