News from the Witchipedia for March 2020

Blessings Witchipedians:

The month of March marks the tail end of the winter season in the Northern hemisphere and its start in the Southern Hemisphere. The March equinox takes place on Friday, March 20 at 3:49am UTC. The full moon in March called the Hare Moon, the Egg Moon or the Crow Moon around here, takes place on March 9, 5:47 pm UTC in the sign of Virgo and this will be a super moon. The Dark Moon in March will be on the 24th at 9:28 am UTC in Aries.

The equinox is celebrated as a turning point in the year in many ways around the world. How do you celebrate? You can discuss your celebrations in our forums and if you have any prose, poetry, prayers, rituals, crafts or recipes, you are invited to submit them to our database to share with the community.  You needn’t limit your subject matter to the equinox, however, we encourage discussion of all matters related to witchcraft, the occult, and magick.


Witchipedia will be hosting an online chat in our chatroom on March 15th at 10:30pm EST. That’s 7:30pm in California, and in London, England its 3:30 am March 16th and in Canberra, Australia its 2:30 pm March 16th (Sorry London, I’ll do a morning one for you soon). Please check the calendar for this and other opportunities to connect.

I also want to announce that Kitchen Witch Corner, a Youtube channel dedicated to practical magick, kitchen witchery and just the stuff I do in my own personal practice and life will begin airing on March 6th and live streams will take place on my Patreon every Monday morning at 10 am EST beginning March 2nd.




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