Blessings for December from the Witchipedia

December approaches, Witchipedians, and the year is drawing to a close. The nights are long and dark and the days are all too brief. New lockdowns have been announced and our isolation grows. It is a taste of the isolation many of our ancestors felt during the long, cold winters of past centuries before technology allowed easy communication and transportation. This month, the New Moon in Gemini is on the 14th and the Full moon in Capricorn is on December 29th. The Winter Solstice falls on December 21st this year.

I am busy creating interactive content to help you get through it and use this time to grow your practice and enjoy the company of other witches. And because you are all so diverse, I am offering a variety of formats and platforms. Remember we have groups on Facebook and I am pleased to announce our new Discord server. We are in the market for moderators on both platforms, so please let me know if you’re interested in that by sending me a private message in either.

I hope you will find something useful to you here! Remember everything I create is made possible by my awesome supporters at Patreon and I hope you’ll consider joining their ranks. You can also help me get the things I need to improve my content by checking out my Amazon wish list.

Witchipedia’s Virtual Events

Monday, November 30 4pm-5pm Facebook Live Getting started learning magick and witchcraft: tools, tips, and tricks

Monday, November 30, 7pm-8pm Full Moon in Gemini virtual gathering Discord, text

Monday, November 30 8pm Full Moon Magick Virtual ceremony- Celebrating our Friendships, Gratitude, and Love on Discord, voice

Friday, December 4 6pm-8pm Wortcunning Chat – The Herbs of Mars on Discord, text

Monday, December 7 4pm-5pm Bloomin’ Witches- The Herbs of Mars – Facebook Live

Monday, December 7, 7-9pm Engaging with the Magical Community on Discord, text

Friday, December 11, 4pm Facebook Live Engaging with the Magical Community

Friday, December 11, 6pm-8pm Kitchen Witchery Chat Creating Your Own Magical Spice Blends on Discord, text

Monday, December 14 4pm Facebook Live Creating your own Magical Spice Blends

Monday, December 14 6-7pm New Moon in Sagittarius Chat on Discord, text

Monday, December 14 8pm New Moon in Sagittarius Guided Meditation (Blasting through Obstacles) on Discord Voice

Saturday, December 19 9am Defining magick and Witchcraft; “schools” of magick on Discord, text

Monday, December 21 4pm Yuletide Craft on Facebook Live (The Craft will be decided by my Patrons)

Monday, December 21 6pm-8pm Yuletide Chat on Discord, text

Monday, December 21 8pm Yuletide Gathering on Discord Voice

Monday, December 28, 4pm Using a Pendulum Facebook Live

Tuesday, December 29 7pm Full Moon Chat on  Discord text  – Clearing clutter to make way for home prosperity and abundance.

8pm Full Moon in Cancer Celebration in Discord Voice Chat- Home Cleansing and Blessing




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