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Welcome to the magickal month of August which begins the harvest season with Lughnassadh in the Western Hemisphere. I hope all of you are enjoying the first fruits of your labors this year. It has been a rough one so far, but I have hopes that all that we are experiencing now will help our society into a state of clarity that will shine a light on problems we have been ignoring for far too long and stimulate positive and lasting change!

This month’s full moon is the Sturgeon Moon or the Green Corn Moon or the Wort Moon and it takes place on August 3rd in Aquarius. Aquarius energy has an affinity for social justice so this is a great time to work magic toward whatever societal change you feel would make us a more just society.  Visit our forums to discuss this idea more fully.

If you’re into meteor showers, check out the Perseid meteor showers in the wee hours of August 11-13. More info at the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

This month’s New Moon, on August 19th is in Leo but it’ll be a close thing as she enters Virgo waxing just 1% at 3:30am EST. That is super close. If you go by the dark moon, it is Leo. If you are waiting for first wax to call her new, she’ll be in Virgo. The general rule of thumb is that the New Moon is in whatever sign the sun is in, and that is Leo.

Chat Schedule for August

This month I will be keeping “office hours” in the chatroom Monday through Thursday 9-11am and 1-5pm. Please stop in and say hi.

In addition, please join us for the following scheduled group chats. Our group chats are informal and meant to foster fellowship and encourage the asking and answering of questions and deep discussion of topics of interest to us all; whether deep, complicated or silly. When you go to the chatroom (at ) you can log in as a guest or you can register and create a password. Nobody will see your registration information except for the username you choose.

  • Monday, August 3rd, 6-9pm, EST Full Moon Chat
  • First Friday, August 7, 6-9pm, EST, Bloomin’ Witches Wortcunning Chat
  • Second Friday, August 14, 6-9pm EST, Kitchen Witch Corner Chat
  • Second Saturday, August 15, 9am-12pm EST, Beginner Witch Chat
  • Tuesday, August 18, 6-9pm EST, New Moon Chat

Chat will be CLOSED all other times.



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