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  • Keep questions limited to the topic at hand.  Your questions should be general witchcraft, magick and the occult- not specific to your situation. Questions specific to your situation are best handled in the forums.
  • Do not post personal information. If I see phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, real names or similar, I will delete the post. If it’s someone else’s information, you will be banned. This goes for any post anywhere on the site, including forums. You can post whatever information you like on your profile provided it’s about you, though I recommend you be prudent about it.
  • This page is for questions that can be answered relatively simply, not discussion-starter questions.  We have forums for things like spell requests and advice, dream interpretation, recipes, etc. as well as general discussion.
  • Do not post your site errors or bug reports, technical difficulties or complaints here. We have a forum specifically for those things and I do watch it carefully.
  • You may comment or ask questions on any individual page of the site. If you wish to discuss a specific article, please do so in the comments of that article.

 If we put everything where it belongs, we’ll all have a nice, tidy site to share.

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